Tuesday, November 17, 2015

To who I was

I miss my mind at seventeen,
wide open, inhaling scripts whole,
tape recorder, keeping copies clear

I miss my heart at twenty four
 pulsing with hope,  confident
love would withstand every storm.

I miss my body at thirty two,
strong, graceful,  life iving,
confident in the flow of the dance.,

I miss my soul at fifty five,
sheltering matriarch soul, steady,
root, trunk, branch and leaf.

At sixty four, mind slower,
 heart sadder,body stiffer,
 soul weary, I am myself still.

This poem was written for dVerse Poetics


  1. Oh, how I can relate and I'm sixty four this year myself....
    Gayle ~

    1. Thank you Gayle. the challenge now is what next, right?

  2. There are things of the past that are lost, but there are things that are always there... Great progression and a life story.

  3. Being 63 myself, when I look back on all those thing I can't help but think that are all still a part of us and the wisdom gained by having lived those things a celebration of what life truly is--a journey. Smiles...>KB

    1. Yes a journey And I do see wisdom as the main area of increase with living.

  4. Victoria, I so identify as well.... but as I think back there are things I miss about different ages, but things I don't miss as well. And yes, I am myself too. And age is really just a number!

    1. Yes age is a number, and yet there are changes. I was comforted after I wrote the poem to remember my Erik Erikson. In his developmental theory the existential qiuestion people grapple with changes through life, not just through childhood. And it changes in his theory around 65 from generativity vs stagnation to wisdom vs despair. I think that change is happening for me, and having words for it helps.

  5. Your poem made me think of the various Ages of Men Greek authors and Shakespeare have written. We now have the Ages of Women. Smiles.

    1. Thank you. I like the concept of ages of women.

  6. Yes. It is interesting to think about ages of men and ages of women - and how they are the same and different.

  7. I like how you take us through the decades, Victoria. I'm 71 now. There is so much to miss, but also so much to feel grateful for.

  8. Each stage of life has something different to offer. It sounds like you're aging gracefully, still yourself at the core, despite all the changes.

  9. I am amazed at turning 64 a few days ago - 64. Inside I still feel myself to be the wild woman, the adventurous and totally delighted woman. I look in the mirror and gasp for I do not see the woman I am inside - still crazy after all these years - lol

  10. Congrats on 64. Such a wondeful tribute to one's self. Ah, the memories defining us :)

  11. Smiles.. when the heart stays or comes
    again.. there is a core
    of spirit
    that never
    grows old..
    as i am
    16 again
    at 55..
    and literally
    stronger in physical
    way than then too.. but
    that does not come until
    heArt in balance
    comes again
    as me now..
    rarely tapped..
    it is the Jack
    LaLannes of
    life who truly
    tale us who
    we can be
    we try..
    oh yeah..
    and there's
    Bruce Lee too..
    both on the similar
    level of Jesus to me as they
    actually have the opportunity
    to show us how to do more
    in more
    than words..
    as the flesh
    hits the roads
    of life
    in the
    real heaven
    of now.. my friend..
    and if Jesus lives
    now.. i'm
    sure Jack
    and Bruce
    Lee will
    be two
    of his
    heroes too..
    just a spark
    of intuition
    as kindred
    soul of old
    i suppose
    heart and
    spirit of soul me..:)

  12. Do not go gentle into that good night - age is just a label, although I too miss the flexibility and balance and enthusiasm of youth.

  13. The progression of age, and us, so well defined. Loved it :-)


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