Thursday, July 22, 2010

Should I Live To Eighty

Should I Turn Eighty

Should I turn eighty,
of sound and eager mind,

Should I live to eighty,
of sound and eager mind,
I give myself permission
to let go of every day control,
to leave logistics to others,
to live outside of plans.

Should Ilive to eighty,
wise and shining of soul,
I give myself permission
to live like a happy child,
and devour each moment,
fully in the present.

Victoria Hendricks
July 20, 2010

Victoria Hendricks,
July 20, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Poem in style of Jean Prevert

Je T'aime

Your mind excites me.
Je t'aime.
Your body thrills me.
Je taime.
I want to nuzzle your neck.
Je t'aime.
I crave your arms around me.
Je t'aime.
Your kindess touches me.
Je t'aime.
Your insights calm me.
Je t'aime.
I want you to be happy.
Je t'aime.
Your mortality scares me.
Je t'aime.

Victoria Hendricks
July 14, 2010

Yes poems

Mary, in my online poetry group challenged us to write from and about "yes". I enjoyed coming at a basic human position from different angles.

Yes - 1

Life is hard.
Life is good.

Yes - 2

I will not tell you yes
when my gut screams no.
I will not tell you no
when my heart cries yes.
False yes invites resentment
False no invites regret.
I cannot trust your yes
until I've heard your no.
Easier to accept your no
once I know your true yes.

Yes -3

I am thankful for the times
I've dropped practical concerns,
rolled on the floor with the toddler,
giggled or wept too late with friends,
walked a dusky beach until moonrise,
made love on a rainy winter afternoon
with floor unswept, dishes in the sink.
Death says no soon enough.
In the mean time, I say yes.

Victoria Hendricks
July 14, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

Difficult conversation

You tell me what you think will make me proud.
I recognise the hollows. I did it too,
managed impression, with both of my parents,
let them believe I cared about getting the PhD,
scrubbed the baseboards before visits, practiced
the order of introductions, even took down the
yard sign for candidates and causes they despised.
I tried so hard to be a different kind of mother,
one you could tell, show anything, everything.
Effort does not always pay off. I keep trying.

Victoria Hendricks
July 1, 2010