Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Question for the Candidate

Young friend showed up at door
soaking wet with rain and tears.
took an hour before she told me.
She invited him in but just expected
to watch a movie but he was big
and wouldn't take no for an answer
and could she call it rape because
she'd invited him into her room.

So Mr.Akin , if that had been
your daughter, what would you
tell her about legitimate rape?

When is rape legitimate?
Only when the woman is sober
and doesn't know the man's name
when he's homeless and she's rich.
When she's old , fat, ugly, a nun.

When is rape legitimate?
Not if she's young and hot
and was wearing heels on the street
Definitely not if she wanted the first kiss.
Never if she's been drinking with friends

When is rape legitimate?
Women are just asking for it after all.
We don't know our own minds,
are cock teases, secret masochists,
need to be taught what we really want.

When is rape legitimate?
How would you answer Mr. Akin
if the woman was your daughter?.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Nights Remembered

No air conditioning in my grand parents' house,
Texas heat blew through open windows
along with cicada chorus and roar of trains.
Don't think my hair got dry all summer.
We pushed  beds sideways into windows,
lay on top of damp sheets to catch  breeze.
Luckiest  slept on screened-in porch
over green  garden, after  singing stopped
and we put away dominoes, kissed goodnight.
Best nights flashes of fire flies, shooting stars
fell into bright dreams that lasted until dawn.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Same Summer Night

I snuggle under quilts in airconditioned house
on hot summer night, books on shelf next to bed,
sleeping love  beside me, his breath my lullaby,
House lies quiet under stars,.I settle to rest..

She spreads her blanket outside Walgreens .
Man runs up, slits her throat with samuri sword ,
stabs, stabs, stabs,, hate her final serenade
Homeless, helpless under stars, she bleeda to death..

Easy to think good choices keep me safe.
Easy to judge bad choices let her die.
My life could loose traction, slip of the rails.
Her life could have grabbed hold, glowed.  

I look at the children and wonder who will die
in the gutter and who surrounded by family.
Easy to think we can guarantee outcome.
Humbling to know we can only teach and love...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Regarding Button Shorts

I hate button shorts.
You're only three,
telling truth in
the dressing room, but
There's that word.

I picture children
cowering in closet
of Wisconsin temple.
Blood on the floor,
I have to speak up.

You don't like button shorts.
Eyes glow with acknowledgement.,
Yes, I hate them.  I do!  What now?
You want shorts with no button.
Wide eyes, Yes I do.  I do!

You can have the shorts you choose.
These  green ones. no buttons.
 But we don't say hate.  Wide eyes.
You hug the shorts.  Giggle. Repeat.
We don't say hate.  A start.
Hope to Cope

Hope symptoms mean nothing.
Hope for benign biopsy.
Hope they got it all.
Hope  chemo will work.
Hope for minimal side effects.
Hope for a miracle.

Cope with with diagnosis.
Cope with uncertainty.
Cope with hair loss, Cope with emotions.
Cope with chemo failure..
Cope with  meeting death.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Last year this time you
kept your colors to yourself..
Excited, afraid  to start high school,
ready, not ready, you flashed
palest lavender, bare mist of green.

Pale with frightened promise,
ahaky in flight, tempted to fade
to invisibile. Instead you caught
the light, glow peacock purple
emerald green,  ready to  be seen.