Tuesday, November 6, 2012

PAD 6 (Right and Left)


Do right.
Don't worry.
if you are
left behind.
Do right

Distilled ( PAD 5 - Write a text poem )

text like poetry
distills to essence
simple, clean.
core, core, core
poetry like text

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Widower (PAD 4 -"beneath" )


Beneath forced composure
boils agony of fresh loss.
She cannot be gone.
I cannot go on.

Beneath agony lie memories,
sweet as a kiss on a narrow bridge.
She cannot be gone.
I cannot go on.

Beneath memories lie pain.
that only memories remain..
She cannot be gone. 
I cannot go on.

At the heart of all the hurt
lies love, always only love.
She is and is not gone.
The only way is on.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Terror (PAD 3 - a poem that scares me)

Edge of cliff stops us
where I expected trail
Fire behind us burns
my back.  Child in my
arms clings, struggles
to breathe, goes limp.
I scream for help
and make no sound.
It doesn't even matter.
No one is there anyway.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Full Owl Moon (PAD 2)

Full owl moon peppers lawn
with puddles bright as white.
Puddles shift into shadow..
Lawn is sea of mystery,
not quite solid ground.

Truth is never simple.
Shadows shift, in, out.
Puddles of bright white
wash us in one llight.
Life is sea of mystery.

Not a Match (PAD 1)

I don't feel old in my body.
I don't feel old in my mind.
Out in the world I realize
my images, context, have
been replaced mainstream.
People believe dated is bad,
have to update the decorating
even though this year's right
will be dated in a decade.
Matters if I call an IM an
email or a text a call, details
of technology lables date me.
I float in new alphabet soup.
I can learn the code, the rules.
but not to care which is which.
Twentieth century mind in
twenty first century world.
askew, no longer a match.