Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Grabbing hold, being born,

Letting go, dying.

Every moment inbetween

balances both energies.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Last Time

Last time I saw you, you taught
me how to cut shelf paper to fit
silverware drawer of the mother
of our husbands.You worked fast,
precisely, with steady nurse's hands.

Couldn't tell you were bald under wig.
You didn't look sick, but we both knew
Fourth chemo had failed. You told me
maybe the fight wasn't to beat cancer
but to beat the need to beat cancer
You told me you were almost ready to
accept God's lessons on God's terms.

I wonder if I've seen you for the last time.

Hands on Politics

I worked for my candidate today

in a stuffy warehouse instead of

packing picnic for walk in woods.

I made myself call strangers on

cell phone I don't use on my own

because I believe future depends

on citizen commitment to remaking

government of, by, for all people .

Seductive trap to accept passive

role as consumer of government.

entitled to argue, lament, complain.

I worked for my candidate today.