Thursday, September 15, 2011

Begin Again

Time to begin again,
to write each day,
to focus on kindness,
to focus, to center,
to write each day.
Time to begin again.


  1. I like your poem, Victoria, very inspirational. Here's to new beginnings!

  2. Excellent, Victoria. Good to know one can begin again over and over, that it's not too late. I feel like this each time I get very distracted from my writing by things like travel and weddings. LOL A kind of need to be within myself and refocus. Excellent poem.

  3. I appreciate this, Victoria. Each day is a new beginning. I am glad you will 'begin again.'

  4. Thank you for "Begin Again" Victoria…I always seem to be beginning again, when I thought beginning the first time locked me in, but, not so.

  5. Time for me as ,well. I am reading your poems newest first and realize how much I have missed your words that so often speak to me or just wake me up!