Monday, April 9, 2012

Bowl of Stones

Sits on tiled table
between therapy chairs.
My niece made it in college,
heavy in my two hands,
deep green, smooth, cool,
piled with white pebbles
from wild Washington beaches,
speckled river rocks from
high Rocky mountain hikes,
polished spheres of amethyst,
smoky quartz, mookite, blue
lace agate, rose quartz heart.
Take them in your hand, roll
them, balance, examine, hold.
Before you go I will ask you
to choose a stone to remind you
of your own unique soul.
You will hold it like a treasure
and I will smile, because
that is absolutely true.


  1. What a beautiful poem, Victoria, and what a lovely special thing you do for your clients. True treasure, so like you.

  2. that is really cool....i used to work at a treatment center and we would do similar, we had medicine bags in which we collected the rocks of our progress...

  3. How interesting, Victoria. A unique and creative idea.

  4. Each stone is unique. Each soul is unique. So very true!

  5. I have my own basket of stones, shells, colored glass ... collected from places around the world. I receive pleasure from touching them, looking at them .. remembering the circumstances of how I came to find them.