Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On Mortality

Everybody knows the sun
that rose so red will set.
Everybody knows green
seasons fade come winter.
Everybody knows babies
don't stay little long enough.
Everybody knows death
 will soon come knocking.

Nobody knows what color
clouds will grace this sunset.
Nobody knows how many
 days the green will hold.
Nobody knows what dreams
will enchant or fail this baby.
Nobody knows what doors
 dark death may open.

 Everybody needs to stop
 and breathe the colors.
 Everybody needs to store
 up stories for the winter.
Everybody needs to kiss
the baby good morning.
Everybody needs to live
and love while slowly dying,



  1. Like the contrast between the everybody knows and the nobody knows ......

  2. I like the way the stanzas of this twine together--everybody knows, nobody knows and finally everybody needs. Neat take on this prompt.

  3. This is beautiful, Victoria. I do think some of the things everybody knows are the things often not spoken about. And I like the way you also talked about things nobody knows, and some of the things nobody knows sometimes are wonderful things when they happen. And yes, everybody does need to stop and breathe the colors!

  4. Love the way you formatted this poem, it flows so nicely! Seems funny that sometimes we take for granted those things that everyone knows...a bit sad too. Wonderfully written poem!!

  5. LOVE "stop and breathe the colors." YES.


  6. this is so good to read...I've read it out loud and I love the progression from one to the next. Thankyou

  7. love the way you ended this with changing knows to needs, very nice

  8. Oh, your whole last stanza could be my daily mantra. Such wisdom in this! Great poem, Victoria!

  9. nice....love the progression in this...from everyone knows, to no one to everyone needs....and yeah we only get a little bit of time you know so its time to live...

  10. This poem touches me deeply, Victoria. I do want to breathe in the colors; take in my life today.