Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Not Trash

Whose daughter is she?
Drinking Bud from a can
leaning on the street sign
holding out her own sign
"Can you give a girl a hand?"
Easy to dismiss her. Loser.
Trash. But what's her story?
Whose mother is she?


  1. Wow, Victoria....that is intense!!! Lots of questions here. Makes me think.

  2. Thanks, Mary.
    The trash prompt really made me think of the many ways we humans dismiss each other.

  3. we all have a story for sure....
    and we easily prejudge and dismiss people
    based on our own experience
    i'd like to hear her story...smiles.

  4. Thanks Brian for commenting as I wander back into the poetry share world.. And thanks Mary and Peggy for encouraging me.

  5. Your poem is incredibly thought-provoking.

  6. As I mentioned in e-mail this poem really has impact. It is so sad how people tend to dismiss women like this--and she is indeed someone's daughter.

  7. Thanks all who comment. It feels good to be back blogging here and sharing.

  8. This is excellent, how quickly we judge and label people. This is a great take and really well done.

  9. I think it takes courage and desperation to hold out a sign for help.
    Well said - especially these days.

  10. Powerful... everyone has a story and we often misjudge them... our perceptions are often false, we must not forget that.
    If some one is seeking help, that takes a lot of courage... Your words made me feel sad... Intense write.

  11. Again, thank you for the encouraging comments.

  12. I find it refreshing that you stop to wonder ... so many walk on by and never show any empathy ... indeed whose mother, daughter, sister?