Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Unacceptably extreme
in 2014 USA to say
I am a  socialist 
but it nauseates me
to read one woman
pays $12,000 for
strappy red shoes
she brags she will
wear only once  while
another woman decides
to skip supper each winter
night to keep the heat on.
I can't keep swallowing the
lie that what we have is what'
we deserve.  Those  of us
with plenty may have earned 
it (or inherited it or married it)
Maybe we made better choices,
or maybe we were just luckier
or born with talents that pay well.
But everybody had a mother.
Easy to remember no tiny baby
 deserves more than any other.
Easy to forget when they grow up.
Hard to stomach responsibility
to care for one another. For me
capitalism unfettered has become
unacceptablly extreme.