Sunday, October 25, 2015

Resuming this blog

That's what I'm doing.  I haven't been posting poems and for some time during a very difficult year I wasn't even writing them.  Now I'm writing again so I want to try posting again.  At least then they will all be in one place.  I'll start with three recent poems about writing, since I haven't been and now I am..

I Write 

I write when I want to sing
when I need to scream
when I wake from dream
when beauty breaks me open.
when sorrow breaks me down
when I have a no answers
to keep my balance, to connect,
to reflect, to shift your perspective,
to shift my own, to be known.

I Don't Write 

I don't write when
I don't want to know
what I think, what 
I feel.  When I don't
notice the moon,
the mood, the earth
under my feet, the sky.
But mostly, beneath
excuses and philosophy
I don't write when I don't.


When I don't write
I stand alone, unknown.
When I write I show 
my face, exchange grace. 


  1. I like all of these very much, Victoria. I think you have pretty well summed up reasons why you write and why you don't write!! I especially identify with the thought: "I don't write when I don't." Another I like is that when I write I show my face, exchange grace. I do think we all do like to be known, and blogging / poetry is one way of being known! Thanks for starting to blog again, Victoria.

    1. Thanks Mary, you are consistently a great supporter of my writing and of me, in general. Thanks for encouraging me back into the blog world.

  2. This is wonderful - all very good reasons to keep writing. It sustains us, and gets us through, as does the support of our poet friends online. I truly resonate with this poem.

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