Monday, September 20, 2010

Something Different

This effort is in unfamiliar form, the haibun, a mixture of prose and poetry inspired by haiku.

The prompt from Big Tent Poetry is "Write a travel log in which you encounter a mythical creature. You can write the poem as free verse if you like, but if you want an extra challenge, write your encounter as a 'haibun'. Check the HSA Definitions web site (thanks Mary) if you want to learn more about haibun, which is completely new to me. Thanks Carollee for the stretch.


I search silver shore, dawn, dusk, dawn, dusk, seek dancing flip of dophin, peregrine, watch waves for unicorn. Dusk, dawn. Dusk, dawn. From sunny dunes coyote laughs.

Waves are only waves.
Full moon provides only light.
Real magic, life force.

Victoria Hendricks
September 20, 2010


  1. Oh my, a unicorn! I love the 'magic' in this haibun... And of course the moon! Delightful!

  2. Victoria, you have so many beautiful images in this poem. I have decided I just love this form that I had never heard of before. And, as Diane said, of course, the moon!

  3. Thanks Mary and Diane for commenting on my poems so consistently. i like this new (to me) form too.

  4. Glorious imagery. I love the coyote laughing...the dolphin, the peregrine.........this is a wonderful leaping poem! I look forward to more!

  5. I love this mystical quest - full of searching and incidental discovery. Excellent.

  6. This is fun just to travel this magical way for a few stanzas, Victoria. I'm glad your mythical creature was a unicorn and you did this unfamiliar poem form amazingly well. I couldn't figure one out for myself but may try it later

  7. Dear Victoria,
    This form is really powerful. Your words dance and portray a pretty little drama where the haiku becomes the highlight,the climax, a cliffhanger.

    And the subject - magical!