Monday, January 31, 2011


Puddling - Case Against

Puddling into tears
is not my style.
It scares me.
When the worst
happens I need
earth under feet,
action to take,
no puddling
too scary to flow
liquid until crisis
has left debris.

Puddling - Case For

Tears wash resistance
out of body, loosen
muscles, bring restful
sleep, leave space
for fresh energy.
Puddling is passage,
not destination, not
oblivion, annihilation
Puddle crystalizes
into cleansed strength.

Victoria Hendricks
January 25, 2011


  1. Lovely juxtaposition of one's puddling options. Easy, melodic, flowing to read.

  2. Lovely. Sometimes crying is the best way of venting in a crisis.

  3. I love your contrasting images of puddling! The two different points of view..

  4. "Puddle crystalizes
    into cleansed strength." This is beautiful. I do think tears are cathartic and this is a beautiful way of saying it. I like the two differences..being stoic in crises and then the cleansing that brings strength.