Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Time Machine

In the middle of my sentence
shape shifts, time collapses.
You sit cross legged on floor,
nursing you sleeping son
and suddenly I feel the warm
weight of your baby head,
the hungry suckling of your
hot lips at my own nipple.
Family is a time machine.

Victoria Hendricks
January 18, 2011


  1. Time is indeed relative. Sometimes a second feels like and hour and an hour feels like a second.
    The same goes for time with family.
    Beautiful poem.

  2. Yes, family is a time machine going forward and back but I never thought about it like that until I read your poem. It must be especially striking when you and your daughter look so much alike. Nice writing.

  3. Moving words. Nature has no time for time.

  4. Wow! So touching and I can see how this time machine works within families, especially after seeing my great granddaughter!

  5. I like this poem very much. The concept of family as time machine is fascinating. Some patterns repeat......

  6. Awesome poem, Victoria. I love it, family time machine.

  7. Oh this is incredible!!!!!! I so relate! It all goes by so fast! I really love this poem!

  8. Beautiful truth. It is true. Seems I just birthed mine and now they are birthing theirs.

  9. Thank you all for the warm comments and the connection. And thanks again Mary for naming my blog blog of the week.

  10. Beautiful and sensitive poem! Excellent!