Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prayer for Vision

This poem is the respoinse to BelleDiane's prompt regarding those who dance seeming crazy to those who don't hear the music.

Noah built ark through season of sun.
Henry Ford invested in horseless carriage.
Wright brothers took wing down island beach.
German Jewish mother, 1939, wrote American
cousin, begged passage for family to Chicago.
Rosa Parks kept her seat. Dr. King stood up.
Men in love held hands at concert, adopted child.

In office, park, grocery store,in conversation,on line,
I pray I hear spirit's music, find the steps, dance to call
of intuition, spirit, innovation, conscience,vision
in face of scorn of those who hear only the marching beat
of tradition, propriety, convention, the way it is done,
the easy, the predictable, the ordinary norm.
Courage, foresight, insight, invite scorn, buy life.

Victoria Hendricks
February 21, 2011


  1. Victoria, this rocks. It is a battle hymn for the Open-Minded, and such a welcome statement of inclusiveness. I so love "I pray I hear spirit's music, find the steps, dance to call of.......vision...." so wonderful. Very powerful and spirit-affirming words.

  2. Victoria, there are so many ways to dance so many different kinds of music. Hopefully we all will find some music that resonates with us and then dance our heart and soul to it.

  3. I love this poem. Makes me want to do more, dance more. Well done!