Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sudden Death

I just found out by email
father of 11 year old boy,
son of online friend, husband
business man, church deacon
died suddenly Wednesday.
He was 39, still in summertime,
I will fashion soft knitting into
a heart warmer, add a cross button,
send it to his mother with a card,
It will not be enough. It will help.
I don't know what suffering took him.
Illness too strong,trauma too intense,
darkness too deep, hatred or mistake.
Death comes on her own terms
came for him, will come for me.
I will give my daughter an extra kiss.
All we can to is live and love tonight.

Victoria Hendricks
February 24, 1011


  1. Kinda sad isn't it? A person dies, all of 39. I like the way you've explained death. Especially this line-
    "Death comes on her own terms"
    The ending is a wonderful nugget of wisdom.

  2. How touching that this is. Your caring enough to make his mother a gift to cherish that comes from your heart. The last line of your poem is so powerful and true.