Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunday Wordle, Jauary 8

Not Forgotten

Breathing quickly,
hearts fluttering,
They kiss at the gate.
She gropes for words.
His words come bubbling
out by the thousands.
Each smile, touch, kiss
is a stone in the creek bed
polished by flood of feeling.
Each tenderness adds strength
to the shelter they thatch
together with hormones and hope.
Will this love flash and fade,
or will they build and rebuild
until it glows steady, warms
and feeds, hearth of home?

written for Brenda's Sunday Worldle The words we needed to include were: thatched, hearth, flash, rebuild, thousands, bubbling, forgotten.
I couldn't pull it off this time without changing some of the tenses and numbers.


  1. What a wonderful use of the wordle words. I think this might be my favorite of all this week's wordles I have read. So much love and warmth in this and I really like the image with the polished stones. Excellent, excellent!

  2. This is beautiful, Victoria. I love how you wove the words into a poem about love! (I sometimes change tenses as well.)

  3. Is it lust, or is it love? Ah, those first falling moments are divine, aren't they? I love what you've captured here, Victoria.

  4. The flush of love's first feelings, the mystery of discovery - great portrayal, Victoria.

  5. What a beautiful poem, Victoria. Hormones and Hope..I love that and the wonder of it all. So many excellent thoughts here. "Build and rebuild" is what it takes.

  6. The first ecstasy of love has to mature into something steadier - we couldn't possibly live at that extreme of emotion.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful. How lucky they are to have a chance for young love not ruined by awkwardness.