Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random B

Blue bonnets, Texas lupin
illegal to pick in our state.
Blue bonnets, happy background
in baby's first spring pictures.
Blue bonnets, mirror for big sky,
sign that cylcle of seasons renews.
Blue bonnets, scarce two springs,
threatened by drought, global warming.
Blue bonnets, blanket of new life,
will they be back this year?


  1. I do hope that blue bonnets WILL be back this year. I had not realized that they had been scarce for two springs.

  2. It is frightening that so many things we associate with the comings and goings of seasons are disappearing. I do hope the blue bonnets return.

  3. Oh, I do hope so! I live in TX and was just looking for some bluebonnet pics in my computer yesterday. I never thought they might not bloom this year, but with the drought we had I guess that's a possibility.

  4. Lupin are so beautiful here--I am glad to know what blue bonnets are! Can't pick our California poppies either. I remember as kid feeling like the flower police would be out there checking to see if we picked any.

  5. I love the Texas bluebonnets and your word "blanket" is how they look. Bill told me about them before I saw them for myself and his description couldn't prepare me for the fields of blue. Beautiful!