Friday, June 22, 2012

Spiral Path

Come in, if you want to know me,
past sunworn outer layers,
past  roles, titles, clothes, voice.
Come in, if you want to know me
through stories and silences,
Learn what makes me tremble.
Come in, if you want to know me.
Listen to my nightmares. Trace
their shadows in the morning.
Come in, if you want to know me.
The door is open..The path is spiral.
Listen. Follow. You are welcome.
Come in if you want to know me.


  1. A beautiful, sensitive invitation! So lovely!

  2. Victoria,

    An invitation which we all have to make at some time in life. Seeking to get closer to someone special, or encouraging them to make that journey. Excellent words to fit the prompt ....


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    1. Victoria,

      I have had Blogger problems when trying to post my comments at your poem. The first attempt seemed to disappear, but reappeared once I was posting the second attempt!!!
      Sorry for the mix-up:)


  4. Oh this is such a beautiful honest invite. Yes, and when we really care to know someone we care about what makes them tremble too! Great write!!

  5. Love this, Victoria, and it is SO YOU! Yes, I have always loved to "come in" and get to know you. It is always an enlightening process, and never a dull one!

  6. Love this! That is exactly what a labyrinth does -- it welcomes you in. "Listen to my nightmares. Trace their shadows in the morning." Awesome.

  7. I love the invitation the flirt of getting to know you~ This makes me smile, it is sincere and beautiful!

  8. Wonderful invitation and path, spiraling deeper and deeper, really getting to know - if one is open, which you so much are!