Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Avalanche Lily (for Heidi)

If cancer isn't an avalanche, what is?
Crazy cascade of cells crushing out life.
Path of mestasis, Path of avalanche,
lies unstable, mined with looming danger.
The miracle is she smiles, remembers
a birthday, bakes a pie, dances in the wood.
Avalanche lily, she blooms where she must
and teaches me to put down roots,send up
shoots no matter how uncertain the soil.


  1. Beautiful tribute to Heidi, Victoria. I wish I knew her, but then again I think I do through your poetry. Love and prayers to Heidi and Joe.

  2. Oh my god, this is beautiful. I have followed your news about Heidi and admire her to the ends of the earth. "Crazy cascade of cells crushing out life..." Amazing phrasing. Despite the avalanche metaphor, it is an uplifting poem full of joy.

  3. Yes, Heidi is a true miracle and you captured her so well in this poem. Her spirit is a miracle. Her life is a miracle. Thank you for this beautiful poem, Victoria.

  4. You are talking about the most amazing woman I know. Amazing is put down by literary critiques and they say it's overused and should not be used at all now. I say they don't know about Heidi.
    I love this poem and the power it possesses. I wish it had the power to bring down this scourge of a disease. It sure makes me feel the anger rise that something so ghastly could attack a woman of such strength and love for life. but then it brings on a feeling of wonder that we humans can live our best lives in the worst of circumstances. Hugs to you. I'm so glad you wrote this.

  5. What a wonderful wonderful tribute to Heidi. I hope you shared this with her and her husband. This is an inspiration to live fully and well no matter what.

  6. Heidi definitely is an inspiration! I don't know how she keeps on and on.