Sunday, July 29, 2012

Out of Drought

Out of Drought

Exceptional drought
all June, all July.
burn bans in August.
Field lies brown,
flowerless, absent
chorus of frog song.
Scorched grass
scratches legs.
Sun cracks earth.

Night of September first,
single thunder storm,
lasts only one hour.
Come sunrise field
glistens white with
fresh congregation
of glorious rain lilies
Sometimes regeneration
doesn''t take much.


  1. Yes, it seems the earth is ready to regenerate when the rain comes. And does so quickly. An optimistic thought.

    1. Yes Mary, the rain lillies are one of my major sources of optimism in nature.

  2. I love that these flowers can appear after so little rain! The first part sounds like a description of normal summer here. The renewal of fall rains is always so lovely though. I also like Ann's comment that this reminds us that a little can make a difference.

    1. The main lesson the rain lillies teach me is what you and Ann wrote, that a little can make a difference. They are among my favorite teachers.

  3. This is such a meaningful poem of transformation, Victoria. I was struck by the vast difference in feelings you evoked from each stanza. It ends on such a joyful, hopeful note with glorious rain lilies! Superb!