Friday, November 2, 2012

Not a Match (PAD 1)

I don't feel old in my body.
I don't feel old in my mind.
Out in the world I realize
my images, context, have
been replaced mainstream.
People believe dated is bad,
have to update the decorating
even though this year's right
will be dated in a decade.
Matters if I call an IM an
email or a text a call, details
of technology lables date me.
I float in new alphabet soup.
I can learn the code, the rules.
but not to care which is which.
Twentieth century mind in
twenty first century world.
askew, no longer a match.


  1. I do think as much as possible I want to stay current with technology.... That does matter to me, though for some I know it is not that important. Different strokes for different folks, I think.

  2. LOL Victoria. Yes I guess the key to staying up to date is caring to do so. I guess I just want to be able to know what people are talking about and how to talk to them!!

  3. This gave me a good laugh in the end. I never know where you will go with your words. I try to stay current but every day current takes on a different meaning. I just want, now, to keep what I do have working. (Printer wireless down - laptop down - Kindle i have to call someone in. Sigh).