Thursday, June 3, 2010

For Big Tent - If I Would

I Would if I Would

I would if I would
spend a season alone,
in a cabin on an island,
simple food delivered
once a week, no words
spoken, just words written
and sleep, long walks,
no clock, no need for me.
I would if I would spend
a season alone. I will not.

Victoria Hendricks
June 3, 2010


  1. There's a trick to getting in here. It's a good job I'm not a quitter!

    Lovely poem - the opposite of moon crazy, but a good idea, just the same!

  2. Victoria, I would like to do this too for about two weeks, I think; but I would take my clock and my Blackberry. LOL. It would be wonderful to have all of that uninterrupted time just to write and enjoy nature.

  3. sounds heavenly! (don't give up on it but in the meantime, seclude yourself away when you write for the big tent prompts ... get little mini-seasons of solitude)

  4. Oh wouldn't that be delighful!

  5. It sounds utterly magical— you created the mood.

  6. Instead of Marginalia the above comment should be the blog with ,y poems.

  7. I would love this too! "no clock, no need for me"...yummy!

  8. I'm another that doesn't need a clock. One day, maybe it will happen, even if you don't think so. A most enjoyable poem!

  9. I could do this for a looooong time. " clock, no need for me..." love this! Thanks.

  10. Lovely - I especially like the idea of having food delivered - to almost anywhere! :) Nice thoughts, here.

  11. Mmmm. I have a similar dream. Well said, but a little sad, that last thought.


  12. Hello Victoria...sorry you're not going to have a season alone, but things always about three days? =)

  13. You have written about what I have longed for!

  14. Thanks for all the wonderful and empathetic comments. I do have pretty good secusion and peace time in my everyday life, and I have had long weekends completely alone - the big fantasy of a whole season seemed to match the propmt, something I imagine doiong but have never done and probably won't. It is such a big thing, though alluring, to disconnect for that long. I have built a very connected life, and part of me longs for that connection and willingly built and accepted it as much as another part of me craves solitude.

  15. Great write - topic which many-a-writer has an opinion!

    I would love one long year...enough time to get really, really bored. For me, utter boredom breeds creativity (it's been quite some time since I've been given even a glimpse of boredom).

    - Dina