Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Office Door

My Office Door

Ordinary, seventies style
paneled wood door ,copper
tone knob, upside down
key hole second nature
after twenty four years.
You open on serenity,
familiar crystals, texts,
water color of quilt with
needle and thread still
attached, worn teak and
leather, my calmest self.
You close on mirrored pain,
arguments resolved, skills
mastered, losses survived,
secrets kept, transformations,
memories, goals, expectations,
safety of professional role.
Trick is choosing who to be,
when I hand over the key.

Victoria Hendricks
June 1, 2010


  1. Victoria, you have really given a good picture of what it feels like inside your office door, with its upside down keyhole. Beautiful writing!

  2. Victoria, I enjoyed the glimpse of your office, the feel of it as well as its look. I am sure when it is time for you to hand over the key you will have a choice of many doors as you decide who next to be.

  3. Oy, I know. I can so relate. And, your upside-down keyhole told me so much about you than a whole essay might. Wonderful.


  4. A literal door can be so symbolic sometimes! And the same door is portal to comfort and pain. Nice!

  5. Begin ordinary, descriptive, and go to metaphorical openings and closings. Well done!

  6. I like how you contrast the image of its opening with its closing. Doors can welcome in, keep out, or even seal in. Nicely done.


  7. "secrets kept, transformations" - I like that line, the things that happen behind closed doors. I also like your interplay with the key and the door. Well done. (It makes me want to write a poem about my classroom door).