Friday, June 25, 2010

Poems about the oil spill

Longest Day

I look to the sky, bleached blue
glare, damaged past forgiveness,
parching, unremitting, draining heat,
no breeze, no relief, longest day
I look to the sky and feel death
breathing car exhaust and bitterness
into my open eyes. The end has begun.

Victoria Hendricks
June 21, 2010

Too Late?

Carbon based life
drowns in excess.
Waste heats up.
Glacial ice melts.
We obsess, sad,
mad, nervous,guilty.
Self imposed circle
of greed chokes
hope, blackens sea.
Sorrow comes easy.
Choice is despair or
attempted repair.
Too late for birthdays?

Victoria Hendricks
June 23, 2010


  1. These are strong poems about the oil spill, Victoria. I do hope it is not too late for birthdays. What humans have done to themselves and the environment!

  2. Yes, despair or attempted repair. Neither choice seems to yield positive results at the moment.