Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Robert's Wednesday Prompt - Last Chance Poem

No Last Chance

Bad news is this side
of death, there is no
last chance to screw up,
speak cruel words, forget
to listen, hurt an innocent.
No last chance for ego.

Good news is, this side
of death, there is no
last chance to change
directions, make amends,
atone, forgive, create.
No last chance for love.

Victoria Hendricks
December 29, 2010


  1. "No last chance for love."

    That's right!

  2. I like more than anything that we do have a second chance at all of life. Do-overs on some things allows us to use our history well. I don't think my marriage to Bill would have been so strong without that first marriage, for instance.

  3. Yes, here's to do-overs. I like your insight about your marriages Judy. And Matt, thanks for visiting and commenting. I'm about to visit your blog, first time I think.

  4. I very poignant poem on which to end the year - makes me revise my ideas about the priorities I set for the new year.

  5. As I think about your poem, I disagree that this side of death there is no last chance for love. I think sometimes there is. Sometimes there just is.