Friday, December 17, 2010

There Came A Day

There came a day
I stood barefoot
in friend's kitchen
filled out insurance
papers with hands
scraped from fire escape.
She sympathized. I laughed.
This is not real trouble.
We only lost stuff. My family
is alive, safe, together.

There came a day
I knew you would die
and I would live, for
all my shouting to
the contrary, could live,
love, thrive again.
Worst happened, can again.
real trouble. What matters
is what I do about it.
Life force comes back.

There came a day
I understood my best
still left scars on daughters,
husband. Even when I
tried and cared I have done harm.
Enough has to be enough.
Real is better than perfect
Love is stronger than ego.

Victoria Hendricks
December 17, 2010


  1. here comes a day,
    you smile and play feeling free...
    lovely verse.
    well done,

  2. "Real is better than perfect
    Love is stronger than ego."
    Isn't it true? Love is real while ego and perfection aren't.
    I really like this poem. The value of counting you pluses is always useful. People who count their pluses are happier.
    And even if someone close to ous dies, we live on.
    Some of the most important truths in life stated simply with examples. Nice.

  3. The conversational flow really fit this poem: it understated the emotions, and in the end dramatized them by allowing the reader to complete with his/her heart the full impact of your words.

  4. I've been away from this blog for a while, traveling. It's wonderful to come back and find comments. Thanks for such appreciative and meaningful ones.

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