Saturday, August 4, 2012


Last year this time you
kept your colors to yourself..
Excited, afraid  to start high school,
ready, not ready, you flashed
palest lavender, bare mist of green.

Pale with frightened promise,
ahaky in flight, tempted to fade
to invisibile. Instead you caught
the light, glow peacock purple
emerald green,  ready to  be seen.


  1. Beautiful! What a difference a year makes....from the desire to blend to the readiness to be seen!

  2. Such a beautiful portrayal of KK as she comes into her own more and more this year, Victoria, and ready to show the world. Lovely transformation of colors and hues.

  3. What beauty in this poem. I love to think of anyone, especially a child seeing the bright colors. I think that about my Little Sister who seems to be a fading color right now but I've seen the bright in her from the begginning. I hope she will see it, too. I wish that for all the children starting in new situations. Beautiful thoughts that it can happen in just this way.