Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Same Summer Night

I snuggle under quilts in airconditioned house
on hot summer night, books on shelf next to bed,
sleeping love  beside me, his breath my lullaby,
House lies quiet under stars,.I settle to rest..

She spreads her blanket outside Walgreens .
Man runs up, slits her throat with samuri sword ,
stabs, stabs, stabs,, hate her final serenade
Homeless, helpless under stars, she bleeda to death..

Easy to think good choices keep me safe.
Easy to judge bad choices let her die.
My life could loose traction, slip of the rails.
Her life could have grabbed hold, glowed.  

I look at the children and wonder who will die
in the gutter and who surrounded by family.
Easy to think we can guarantee outcome.
Humbling to know we can only teach and love...


  1. And I would add hope and pray!

    Well penned.

    1. You are right about hope and pray mary. When I heard the awful story last night and wrote the poem, I didn't feel in the mood to believe in hope and prayer, but in the end I do. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Victoria, this is such a sobering poem. Hard to think of such tragedies in the world that are happening while we are sleeping peacefully, blissfully unaware, until morning's light spotlights the news. I wish I knew more of this woman's life story. Such a tragic ending.

  3. Life is so unsure and to judge is just foolish though I know it's hard not to. So many judgements made. Perhaps it makes us feel safer to do so...because we aren't like that. Sobering.