Monday, August 13, 2012

Regarding Button Shorts

I hate button shorts.
You're only three,
telling truth in
the dressing room, but
There's that word.

I picture children
cowering in closet
of Wisconsin temple.
Blood on the floor,
I have to speak up.

You don't like button shorts.
Eyes glow with acknowledgement.,
Yes, I hate them.  I do!  What now?
You want shorts with no button.
Wide eyes, Yes I do.  I do!

You can have the shorts you choose.
These  green ones. no buttons.
 But we don't say hate.  Wide eyes.
You hug the shorts.  Giggle. Repeat.
We don't say hate.  A start.


  1. What a good lesson, Victoria. One has to begin to learn these lessons early.......even with shorts! I do like this poem AND its message.

  2. Yes, Victoria, yes. "We don't say hate." That word is brandished about so casually these days (hate the hot weather, hate the style, hate my hair, and on and on, ad nauseum). 'Tis an ugly word indeed. and yes, hug the shorts!! Great lesson poem.

  3. There are so many ways to hate. It boggles my mind. So sad to think that it exists. I want to wipe that hateful word out of my vocabulary because the connotations are too horrendous.