Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last Night

Tomorrow I will pack up
the mennorahs, each to
it's own resting spot,
velvet box, high shelf.
They brought the light.
My job now to be a light.


  1. Well expressed, Victoria. Today I packed up the Christmas china. Also on a high shelf. Sad really to pack it away, another year gone. A little bit at a time. Hoping to carry the holiday spirit with me as well. And yes, now be the light...I am sure you are and will be.

  2. What a lovely thought about it now being your job to be the light! I do love the way your mind works! You are indeed a light to so many.

  3. What a lovely expressive poem about putting away your mennorahs and becoming the light. I want to strive to be that light, too.