Monday, December 5, 2011

Outside Christmas

I understand aroma of vanilla
light crusted pies cooling
on trivet in warm house
on cold winter evening.

I understand subtle magic
of laden tree shining on dark
nights, scent of cedar bark,
bright star shining in window.

I understand amorous passion
to sing of peace on earth
and genuflect before incarnate
messiah, born as baby in manger.

No Jewish experience gives me
inkling of frantic December mission
to negotiate precipice of deadlines
and emerge to a perfect Christmas.


  1. Fabulous Victoria! The words fit in perfectly. Great wordle! And you really do nail that frantic December mission. That I am removing myself from this year--or at least trying once again.

  2. Great poem. The secret to a perfect Christmas is working on it twenty-five hours a day from now until the 25th. No hill for a stepper.

  3. Wow, Victoria. This is beautiful. Seamless and meaningful. One would not even know it is wordle.

  4. I'm not sure any Christian would understand that frantic deadline part of Christmas, Victoria. No faith or denomination is likely too. That is our own making, not of any God or faith. I do love this time of year and any pressure is self made. I've come to think that all the angst is sometimes a bragging of sorts. I was happy to get all the lights up, gifts already wrapped and I wanted people to know the work I put in. I didn't talk about the joy it brought and the peace and love that went into the wrap.

  5. I'm back. I had no idea this was a wordle! I don't care for wordles, they seem more like a puzzle than a poem. This is the number one exception to that. Bravo!

  6. I'm happy you're doing the wordles, Victoria. Your contributions each week show your ability as a poet. This piece is wonderful. I'll never emerge at a perfect anything. LoL

    Worldes in the right hands emerge as facets of a sparkling gem. Each one of the poets who contributes shines.

  7. You perfected this whorl, Victoria, brilliantly done.

  8. Beautiful seamless writing, Victoria. Love the message.