Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sex at Sixty

I wouldn't have written this poem without a prompt (Thanks Mary) and I didn't intend to blog it. I am one who still blushes. But I like the poem and the feelings it draws on in me and I figure censoring myself is as wrong as censoring someone else, so here it is.

Sex at sixty is sex,
means what it means,
or doesn't mean much,
same as at twenty four.

Sex means I trust you
with all that I am,
all I fear, all I doubt
Sex means no secrets.

Sex means I will
cry in front of you,
giggle like a wild child,
fart, burp, wail, roar.

Sex means I cherish
the velvet of your skin,
the scent of your breath,
the beating of your heart.

Sex means I let you in
all the way, body, mind,
spirit, heart. All I am
I open to you in love.

Sex means what it means
or doesn't mean much.
Same as at twenty four,
Sex at sixty is sex.


  1. Indeed, sex at 60 is still sex. As another one who still blushes, congrats for blogging this!

  2. I'm glad you posted this very honest poem about sex at sixty. I agree, it's like sex at 24. All the reasons besides getting pregnant are the same.

  3. Victoria, I truly LOVE this poem and appreciate your willingness to put it in your blog. I love this entire poem, but the LAST stanza says so much and is my favorite.

  4. Judy is Right...a very honest poem. True meaning of sex soberly unearthed...Well done, Victoria!