Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Silver Dime

this poem is written to Peggy's Poetry Jam prompt to write about the past or/and the future.

Seems like yesterday
I sat at my mother's
kitchen table overlooking
Disneyland, Catalina Island
visible when smog blew out
We packed silver dimes into
plastic tubes to save
for my grandchildren.

This afternoon my grandson
spilled his treasure box.
I helped him clean up marbles,
wooden monkey, silver dime
from 1963, unpacked from
plastic tube at his mother's
kitchen table on Texas afternoon.
Seems like tomorrow came.


  1. Oh I love the sentiments of this poem...
    I can feel it--the coming of the past in that very kitchen... :)

  2. so nostalgic!!

    really bridges the generations

  3. I love the way you blended the past into the present here. Time goes so quickly. Thank for linking to Poetry Jam.

  4. Precious memories, Victoria. I can't get over that you lived so close to Disney World! I can't imagine having such wonder close by when I was growing up. :)

  5. Nice memories shared here. "Silver dime
    from 1963," I am sure he will treasure it forever!

    Erick Flores

  6. ...seems like tomorrow came..

    What a GREAT line! love it so much!

  7. That last line is stunning and true....lovely writing Victoria!!

  8. So true. The past comes and go quickly.


  9. I like the leisure of the writing until that final line. Wonderful finish, played just right.

  10. time goes so fast...our memories pile up quick...thanks for slowing us down a bit to take a look back...nicely written

  11. Tomorrow comes, always too fast!

  12. Lovely images. This poem drew me in in a lovely and simple way and I could picture and feel it. Thank you.

    I just played around with a poem about sorting pennies. One of the dates? 1963. I love when these simultaneous things show up in the poetry-blogging world (it's not finished so it never made it for the past/future prompt).