Friday, May 7, 2010

Beginning a poetry blog

I have resisted making a separate poetry blog until now, but recently I've been participating in more poetry prompts and share sites and I'm beginning to feel like separating out poems from regular life posts makes sense. I'll still post a few poems on my regular blog, And Now (,
those poems that reflect what's going on in my life or soul most truly and those I just want to share with everybody - but this blog is just for poems and poetry related ideas. I'll start with a poem prompted a poetry site I just found (Thank you Mary)l This site, Big Tent Poetry ( us to imagine ourselves as circus participants and write in character. I started to craft a poem about being the costumer, sewing sequins and feathers. That was fun, but I realized quickly which role would fit me better.

Fortune Teller

I am the fortune teller,
wrapped in shawls,
shadowed in secrets.
My crystal ball is amethyst.
My incense is vetiver.
You come to me for answers.
Neither you tor I ever has
to know if I see the future
or just read people well.

Victoria Hendricks
May 7, 2010


  1. So glad to see you starting a poetry blog too Victoria. You really do write wonderful stuff--reflections of a wonderful soul I suspect! Oh and I do like you as fortune teller! Great twist!

  2. I am so glad you started a poetry blog. I do think you will enjoy having it.

    I love your fortune teller persona. Of course, the fortune teller role would fit you so very well! I can picture you in your shawls and amethyst crystal ball!

    I will look forward to visiting your blog often.

  3. so much poetry it needs its own blog! love it!

  4. good one...isn't that the truth people reader with a crystal ball yeah!!! red lips

  5. Thank you, friends old and new for reading and commenting here. It's exciting to find new links to poets blogs, glimpses into more poets lives. You make me glad I started this blog.

  6. I especially like the last line, the reader of people, not just palms.

    It's exciting to start a poetry-only blog! Congrats, and welcome to Big Tent, too.

  7. Victoria,
    I like what did here with this prompt.Thanks for visiting.

  8. Thanks to all of you who are visiting my new blog. It's fun to feel a beginning of connection to a larger community of poets. And I'm blown away by the quality of work at your various blogs. WOW!

  9. The perennial question; can they see the future or just the signs on a face? Now, if I could tell you that ...!
    And congratulations on starting your poetry site.