Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two More Proverbs (or maybe a proverb and a parable)


In reunion
of fear and hope,
doubt and confidence,
outrage and forgiveness,
freedom and responsibility,
acceptance and challenge,
listening and speaking,
realism and dreams,
action and stillness,
balance rises.

Heaven and Hell in the Grocery Store

Friday afternoon, 5:47, shoppers
swarm, tight lipped, aggressive.
I freeze between mangoes and
cilantro, heart pounding, trapped.
Suddenly he stands tall flaming
in inersection of angry baskets.
Fuscia shirt, beads like butterflies,
calm, amused eyes. He flutters
competent hands, laughs, "OK
now people, We're all getting out
of here alive right?" One by one
they soften, smile, redirect carts.
I breathe, feel cool mango in palm.,
Look to thank my savior. He has gone.

Victoria Hendricks
May 22, 2010


  1. I like these both very much, Victoria. In the first one, I love the idea of balance rising.Hopefully it always will!

    In the second one, oh my gosh, 5:47 shoppers...thank goodness I generally don't have to shop at that time any more. I love the guy in the fuscia shirt. A savior indeed. Hopefully, in times of turmoil, always will arrive such a person!! Enjoyed this poem....

  2. I like both these poems very much Victoria. The concept of these kinds of things having a re-union recognizes that they belong together in the whole of things and I love the idea of balance rising.

    I also like your grocery store sprite directing the traffic of shopping carts! Wonderful.

  3. I enjoy what you call your 'proverb' poems. Your first poem 'says' to me that if contrasts are accepted, balance may come about. Seems right to me.