Friday, May 14, 2010

Color #2 - Copper

I'm responding to so many prompts - OK only three, but it feels like many, that I've gotten behind on my color poems. This crayon I just pulled up at random, and the color on the paper did match the image of the color in my mind. The poem is rough, but the idea behind it appeals to me. Maybe I'll make more of it later.


Shining swirl of copper curl on pretty girl,
Glowing copper pots proud on kitchen wall.
Lethal coloration of coiled copperhead snake,
Lucky new penny, bright in sidewalk crack,
Copper is a color which calls for attention.

Victoria Hendricks
May 14, 2010


  1. I like your copper poem. You have creatively shown its many facets. I like the creative way you worked in copperhead snake.

  2. Thanks Mary. this feels like a draft, but one I like the core of.

  3. I agree copper calls for attention. And, Victoria, I think there is not a poet among us who does not first write 'drafts.' Core defintely is worthy here.