Saturday, May 22, 2010

Big Tent Poem - Proof Futile

I'm combining prompts here - the Big Tend wordle words - "futile" and "proof" and my online writers' group's prompts to write about heaven and or hell.

Proof Futile

Futile to require proof
of God Heaven, Hell,
Sufficient to access strength
deeper than my own.
Sufficient to find guidance,
rest in spiritual practice.
Sufficient to draw wisdom
from my dear beloved dead.
Sufficient to believe my own
influence will outlast breath.

Victoria Hendricks
May 22, 2010


  1. Excellent, Victoria. I very much like this perspective, as well as the way you combined prompts from two different sources.
    Killing three birds (Heaven, Hell, Wordie)with one stone created a thoughtful poem.

  2. That last thought is a powerful one. Ultimately, we must learn from our own experiences and walk our own path.

  3. That's a lot said in a small space. The sentiments in the last two couplets have meant more to me as I've gotten older.

  4. Sufficient is a powerful word, especially in this efficient (succinct) poem. It carries the weight of liturgy. Well done!

  5. hanks for the understanding of this poem, MaryTDerrick, Peter, and Deb. "Sufficient" is one of myfavorite words, Deb - right up there with ":abide" and does have a liturgical feel for me, like the Hebrew "Dauenu" or "enough"

  6. A beautiful idea that influence outlives breath! If that be a glimpse of immortality, may it be so in a positive way!

  7. I'm with Deb -- I was caught up in the liturgical feel of the "sufficient" prayer, a rosary, perhaps, of the faith this poem estimates. Thanks!

  8. two of my favorite devices: list & repetition. so glad you're writing with us!