Thursday, October 7, 2010


I soar on quiet wing,
see through illusion,
call your conscience
to truth - Who you?

You conjure me dark,
death sayer. Night eagle.
I do not fear the dark,
as you do- Who, you?

I fly when others fear,
know moon on still lake,
call out stars and questions.
Who you? Who you?

Victoria Hendricks,
October 7, 2010


  1. Majestic, enchanting and slightly mysterious just like the bird. One of my favorite creatures and you did a great job with this tribute. I loved it.

  2. Victoria, I loved the way you captured the 'voice' of the owl. You really captured its essence.

  3. A dark and mysterious bird. I like your suggestion that it calls on our conscience!

  4. Indeed, you ARE like an owl, Victoria. I can picture you at this. And the "You Who?" is very clever!

  5. This is a poem to savour over and over. Please may I keep it? I love the way you have used the onomatopaeia of the voice.

  6. I have always been fascinated by the owl and do believe it is the eagle of the night and calls us to awareness of what we prefer to keep in darkness and hidden. Love your response, fantastic!


  7. I so appreciate comments from each of you. And Vivienne, of course you may keep my poem. In fact, any of you may keep any of my poems you want to keep. It is exciting to learn more about all ofyou through your comments and your work.

  8. You've captured the owl beautifully. Perfectly. I love your way with words - spare, pulling out essentials.