Thursday, August 11, 2011


If I should die
before you are ready,
remember I loved my life.
I rode wild waves,
got knocked around,
came up with treasures.
hiked steep hills,
foot in front of foot,
came down in peace.
I didn't get it all right.
I know I hurt you.
You know I'm sorry.
I've told you.
Keep what gives you strength.
Remember what heals you.
If I should die
before you are ready.
Remember I loved my life.


  1. What a gift to all that know you, Victoria. The best of gifts, "I loved my life". You are a gift!

  2. This is so beautiful, Victoria! Wonderful, inspiring, heartfelt words.

  3. What a perfect poem about one's own death. I particularly like "if I should die before you are ready" and "I loved my life." This is so comforting and it does speak so clearly in your voice. I agree with Judy. Knowing you is a great gift.

  4. What can be more wonderful than "Remember I loved my life…("if I should die before you are ready.")

  5. I love this. A death poem but more a love poem and a life poem. A real keeper.