Sunday, August 14, 2011


Yesterday I read about a young officer
who found his pregnant wife dead in the tub.
Probably aneurysim. Cause didn't matter
when he tucked his motherless children
into bed last night or when he found her
shoes under the table or had to look
in her purse to find a number to cancel
her appointments, explain her absence.
Marriage risks that kind of loss,
whole fiber of family unwoven in
the moment a heart does not beat.
Yet he risked it. I risked it twice.
Love is stronger than loss.


  1. What an awful situation. Yes, marriage does risk that kind of loss. But love IS stronger than loss.

  2. Oh such a good reminder. It is always a risk but I think worth it. What a sad situation this one is.

  3. I'm so glad you did risk it twice. I also agree that love is stronger than loss. Very sad situation.

  4. Love is stronger than loss. Such an incredible thing I did learn from you. I thought, "love doesn't conquer all" and you said, "love is stronger than loss" and I knew that was true. Thankfully.