Monday, August 15, 2011

Wishing for a Boomerang

I wish it were that simple,
what you give out
comes back to you.
It is sometimes true,
a tendancy, not a rule.
If being good and kind
could assure only
goodness and kindness
would fall on those I love,
you bet I'd be up for sainthood.
If fairness assured fairness,
I know I'd never cheat.
It doesn't work like that.
Innocents starve every day.
Villians take power, thrive.
Life isn't like a boomerang.
I wish it were that simple.


  1. Yes, Victoria, this is always my problem as to Karma, or Boomerang…what so many get when they didn't put anything bad out there. Or, just being human and having thoughts that aren't pure, moments of anger, and so forever doomed? Good response to the challenge.

  2. Yes, if only it were that simple. The Fates are fickle not just.

  3. It would be simpler that way, or maybe not. Then we might get paralyzed with fear of doing anything that might be misinterpreted "out there." I guess our challenge is to make something good out of everything the fickle Fates send our way. Not an easy task.

  4. I wish it were a rule as well. In my naivete I really thought it was so. I know better now. You don't get what you deserve; one plus one does NOT always equal two. Sad reality but reality just the same.