Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nonfielders Prayer

Please don't make me shortstop.
Too many balls, too hard, too fast,
too many choices, stakes too high.
I'd rather bring you lemonade but
If I must play, but me in right field
where at least I can see trouble coming.


  1. You are amazing, Victoria…a philosophical analogy using baseball. Excellent, and yes, fielding is about baseball.

  2. Ah yes, right field is good. As mostly lefties would hit there, and there are more right handed hitters than lefties. That is the position I would prefer too! (And yes, I did also get the philosophical analogy!)

  3. Wonderful metaphor. I felt very mixed when I played baseball. I loved the action and importance of playing shortstop, but didn't like the pressure and importance fearing to make a mistake. Right field felt too boring, but safe. I ended up mostly at second base where balls weren't usually quite as fast, the throw to first was much shorter, the position was less spotlighted, but where I'd get a little more action. That's probably true of me for life, also.

  4. This made me laugh as I recognize myself, Victoria. Wonderful metaphor. I want to be the pitcher but I don't want the heat. This is even more true as I get older.
    I loved the reasoning for right field..where one can see trouble coming.

  5. I loved the comments on this one. Thank you each. It's funny, when I actually did play I was pitcher and ducked when they hit it at me, tried to make sure they didn't hit it at all. Bob, I do see you as making a very good and energetic life at "second base", much braver than I about having to face quick decisions and chances to fail. I love you. I love each of you who commented here.

  6. Good metaphor here Victoria. I would rather be in right field too most of the time--but it does get kind of boring out there as well! (You might want to check this one for typos and caps).

  7. Victoria, this is wonderful! I love the way your take on baseball translates so well into other life experiences. These days, I want to be shortstop, but I was happy in right field for a very long time.