Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Boy's Promise

When I am grown
and have kids who love me,
I won't hurt their mother
so she has to send me away.
She won't hurt me.
We will all stay together
and love each other
when I am grown.


  1. What a poignant poem, Victoria. Wow.So much young wisdom.

  2. Such a sad situation for a child to see and have to think about but I know it happens too often. He knows already how his life will be better, though. That is the good thing.

  3. Obviously children take a lot from a situation, and fortunate is a young person who can verbalize it surrounded by caring adults.

  4. This makes me cry, so sad, so sweet, so sad.

  5. It's odd that I didn't see the sad when Zachary made this statement at the table last night. I just saw the hope. I guess I've already mourned the sad, and been mad about it too. It helps that all people in this story continue to grow.

  6. What a nice thought, like a daydream...