Saturday, June 25, 2011


The headlights scanned the yard.
The girl cowered behind bushes.
She had to get away. Eighty seven
dollars in coat pocket, her tooth
brush and tooth paste, a friendship
bracelet from fourth grade, two
phone numbers. She had to get away.
Before he killed her. Or she killed him.
The headlights scanned the yard.


  1. The poignancy of the few things she takes with her make this ever so sad, Victoria, especially the friendship bracelet. I hope she makes it and thrives.

  2. Very scary. Could be a scene in a novel. I do want to know if and how she manages to get away! Another excellent response the the prompts.

  3. This poem makes my heart beat faster, Victoria. You have captured what it feels like to be prey.

  4. Whew, amazing story and I want to know more. I feel my heart beating faster as I read it.