Sunday, June 5, 2011

Turtle in the Tub

I hear you crashing against the porcelain
walls of your temporary prison.
You have out grown your tank,
dinnerplate now, not the silver dollar
Danny purchased proudly with allowance.
You have not outgrown his love.
Boy struggles to choose to keep or
to release, to see you as his or
your own. A parent's dilemma,
hard to master at any age.


  1. My kids both had a pet turtle so I see the problem. Letting go is hard. Setting them free is good. The dilemma was not knowing if they could make it now scavenging for their own food. Hard. Well written.

  2. Oh yes you have caught that parents' dilemma -- simple yet so difficult. Sounds like Danny's turtle had a good life with him since he has grown so big. Good luck to Danny!

  3. And so I wonder what was decided!

  4. Mary, the turtle is in her tank in Danny's house instead of in our house here, and the verdict is still out on release. Some research will be done about best possible places and times of year before he decides. He is seriously considering.

  5. Oh, well written, described, this dilemma, silver dollar to dinner plate, tank to tub. It is why Florida is overrun with exotic creatures...they out grow their adoptive family and are let go.