Thursday, June 9, 2011

Curiosity in the Garden

Why is the hoe sharp?
Why does it dig dirt?
Why is the dirt hard?
How does the worm
dig through hard dirt?
How do you know this
worm is not a friend?
How does a little worm
eat a big tomato?
What happens to the
worm when it rains?
Can worms dig in mud?
Why is the sun hot?
I want to go inside,
drink water now.


  1. Spoken like a babe, for sure, how fun, Victoria.

  2. Oh I love this, Victoria, simply love it! Children's questions are fascinating and they help keep us childlike (not childish, but childlike), big difference.

  3. Liam for sure, Victoria. You have really captured the essence of wonder at that age.

  4. Ah, definitely sounds like a 2-year-old! What fun.

  5. This is precious, Victoria. Reminds me of the little ones and their questioning minds. Love this!