Monday, November 8, 2010

Best Seller Title Prompt for Big Tent (The Last Boy)

For Dean

The last boy I kissed,
full on the lips, you turn
sixty this year like me.
Eighteen, we shared an
orange in a secret fairy circle
in hills covered mustard gold,
lupin blue, rode a friend's horse
on Pacific beach, licked cherry
brandy off each other's lips,
worried over colleges, parents,
different dreams, different coasts.
You let me down easy. I needed
you at home to receive my letters
so I could leave. You understood.
By nineteen, last kiss in my mother's
kitchen, you were no longer a boy,
told me you'd met someone beautiful
at the Renaissance Festival, that she
needed you in a way I didn't and you
needed that. I'd met someone too ,
wasn't honest enough yet to admit
he held my future, knew me flawed
and whole. I cried ten minutes when
you broke up with me, then we talked
hours, sweet friends, happy to be free.
I'm lucky you were the last boy I kissed.

Victoria Hendricks
November 8, 2010


  1. What a touching and beautiful poem this is, Victoria!

  2. How beautiful this is. I'm swept away by the love and the desire here.

  3. Such romance, such poignancy. Bravo.

  4. Touching and real because it uses plain language and lets the narrative breathe.

  5. Nostalgia put to good use, with the seasoning of hindsight. Enjoyed it.

  6. I love the play on 'last boy kissed' rather than the first one we usually remember. Like the emoitonal levels revealed.


  7. Tender and touching piece with wonderful revelations.

  8. This is so poignant and sensitive. Nicely done.

  9. Such sweetness and sadness in this poem. I really liked the ambiguity I found in the statement,
    "wasn't honest enough yet to admit
    he held my future, knew me flawed
    and whole."

    It leaves me wondering, which he? I also like the idea that forty-two years later, the narrator has remembered so many details, but remembers crying for only ten minutes.

    Fine poem!

  10. The repetition of needing keeps the narrative beating, reminds me of my own last boy kiss. Thank you for that!

  11. wonderful movement - like a long breathe. took me back to earlier times...

  12. Very impressive, Victoria. Such a poignant poem!