Sunday, November 28, 2010

PAD 28 - The Real Story

My Birth Parents

They were young,
in college, fell into
bed, expected bliss
not broken condom.
Conception began me.

They were young,
planned to marry,
keep me, but based
on religion, both their
parents rejected me.

They were young,
could not imagine
life with or without me,
arranged safe adoption,
will never know me.

Victoria Hendricks
November 28, 2010


  1. This one is so very hard-hitting. So much the true story it seems. The honesty really has an impact on me.

  2. They were young - no wonder they screwed up!

  3. Yes, they were young, and I don't even know if they screwed up. It just was wheat it was, and my life has turned out well.

  4. What a touching story, Victoria. Yes, your life has turned out well. This is a wonderful story.