Monday, November 29, 2010

PAD 29 - Next Step

Two Degrees

If I don't change direction
I get where I'm headed.
Next step continues script.

If I turn my toes two degrees
destination shifts completely.
Next step rewrites script.


  1. the complexities of choices, perfect.

  2. Wonderful that you have a full blog for poetry now Victoria. I wonder how I missed this. Or maybe I have just forgotten. This is another of your wonderful poems of wisdom. Just those two degrees can make all the difference in the destination!

  3. If I don't change directions, I get where I'm headed.... Wonderful advice on changing your mind!

  4. Thanks Willow, Peggy and Diane for your comments here. My wise teacher Dorothy Satten was the first one I heard say "If you don't change directions, you get where you're headed." and it has really stuck with me.

  5. Sometimes changing directions is a necessity. Sometimes changing directions is a choice. I DO like your poem!

  6. Wow, so powerful and so true. Our lives can change in that very next step. Great poem.